Alia Martin - Composer, Percussionist, Orchestrator

Alia Martin is an remarkably versatile composer and instrumentalist. Originally from Sacramento, she earned her Associate’s Degree in composition studying with world-renowned jazz pianist Joe Gilman at American River College. She is currently in the process of obtaining her bachelor’s degree from California Institute of the Arts in Valencia. As a BFA 4 Composer with an emphasis in Film and Video, she is studying privately with film composer Karen Tanaka.

Alia has been enchanted with music since she was a child. She began playing piano at the age of five, and picked up the violin at the age of seven. When she discovered her love of the marimba as a junior in high school, her affinity for percussive composition was born.

As an undergraduate, she composes for diverse mediums including film, animation, character design, digital entertainment, dance, and theater. Her extensive musical range allows her to write for a multitude of genres, depending on the mood of the project.

Alia believes that every piece of art has a voice. And her main objective is to help that voice come to life.